BREAKING!! OPC Warns Militants Over Quit Notice Issued On Yorubas In Niger Delta


The National Coordinator of Oodua Peoples Congress, OPC, Gani Adams has called on the Niger Delta leaders to call militants in the region to order over the quit notice issued to the Yorubas.

In a statement he signed, Adams warned that the quit notice could affect the “robust relationship” enjoyed by the Wouthwest and South-south.

Adams said, “We know that the position of the militants may not reflect that of their leaders. There is a need for them to speak out against the move of the group.”

He warned the militants to realise that, “there are more indigenes of their region in the south-west than the south-westerners in their region”, and demanded that “Yorubas must be safe in Niger Delta”.

Adams added, “We see the Southerners as friends but we are not in any way comfortable with the threat to quit.

“The clamp down may have an ill effect of further threat against our people in the Niger Delta region.”

Militants under the aegis of Niger Delta Agitators (NDA) had ordered Yorubas and the Hausas residing in South-south to vacate the region before October 1.


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