Congrats!! Igbere TV Fan Graduates As An Engineer At ESUT(Photo)

According to our fan, Nkoloagu ifeanyi Chris, who graduated as an engineer at faculty of electrical and electronic engineer, ESUT

Hello good day am your Good fan, and your good follower, I graduated yesterday at Enugu state university as an electrical and electronic engineer, my poor mom was the one who helped Me achieve my dream as an engineer please help Me show some love and honor Thanks, you guys are the best, I will be grateful to get your response God bless you guys..

Here is what he has to say to his beautiful mom.. 

Mother I made you proud, the smile I promised
you was achieved I thank you for your great job”
your advice courage and support to archive my
dream , I want to say your last Son never
disappointed you MAMA your Son is now an
Engineer! 5 years journey !!!
Now a Graduate !!
Now an Engineer!!!
ENGINEERS!!! Goodbye Enugu state university
{ ESUT} Thank you almighty God

He equally appreciates the hard work of Igbere TV Director, James Emeh Anyalekwa and the entire crew of Igbere TV.. 

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