Published On: Tue, May 16th, 2017

I’m In Biafra Struggle Not For Money But Right Of My People – Kanu


The leader of the indigenous people of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu, has out-rightly said that his struggle for the succession of Biafra was not centered on money but to ensure that the rights of his people were restored.

Kanu spoke at the weekend at his Afaraukwu residence in Umuahia, Abia State, where some journalists visited him.

Nnamdi Kanu said if he wanted to generate money from the struggle,he would but that has never been the motive behind his struggle for the achievement of Biafra,but to ensure that justice and equity reigns.


“This place where you are is my father’s compound, the government house which is just over there is my father’s land too. He gave it to the state government.

“Look at my father there(pointing his direction), you see him, he is a very modest and simple man. Did you see him carrying an air around himself or flying aeroplanes? Yet the government house is his property. That is the kind of life I live.

“Politicians have been coming here to beg me to soft pedal on the struggle, but I know they are not sincere. They simply want to get into power. Money does not move me, in fact what will I be doing with all the money if I make it,” Kanu asked rhetorically.


He stated that, the same politicians who called them noise makers, internet warriors, miscreants and so many names today sneak in to come and lobby him for support.

“They will always ask me to support them to get into office, that while they are in office, they will help push the cause, but I know that what they are after is the four or eight years they will stay so that they can make money.


He said the fears being entertained by politicians about the coming of Biafra republic were neither here nor there because Biafra republic would be founded on the principle of justice, equity and fairness.

He said “I don’t know why they are just afraid. Biafra will be a home for all people who agree with our values.

” If you are from Sokoto you can be a Biafran if you believe in our value system of equity, justice and fairness.

“I don’t even intend to be the head of Biafra republic in the end. I don’t like to always lead. I want to be led so that I can proffer solutions.
” If Uwazuruike had done well, I won’t be doing what I’m doing today. I’m into this struggle because of leadership vacuum.

”I’m into this fight because my people are suffering; they are denied of their rights and privileges. Nothing will stop this fight. And I must assure you we are almost there. Biafra is almost here with us”


Asked whether he agreed with the late Igbo leader, Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu that Biafra should now be a thing of the mind and not a geographical space, Kanu said Biafra had a geographical location and that the people of Biafra were known and defined.

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