Three Powerful Prophets Who Predicted That Buhari Will Die (Must Read)

Considering the manner in which the health status of President Muhammadu Buhari is shrouded in mystery, some people have began to think that the prophecies by some powerful men of God who predicted his death, might actually come true afterall.

Before the year began, some notable men of God like Ghanaian prophet, Isaac Owusu Bempah, founder and leader of the Glorious Word Ministry International; Prophet Emmanuel Chukwudi of King of Kings Deliverance Church and lastly, the Spiritual leader of the Celestial Church of Christ, Elisha Parish, Marcus Korede Tibetan all predicted the death of President Muhammadu Buhari.

But, these prophecies were taken by many with a pinch of salt.

Howbeit, as questions over the health of Buhari lingers, some Nigerians have revisited the prophecies by these men of God to see whether there might be an iota of truth in it, and if the prophecies are coming to pass.

Buhari is currently in London on medical leave. He was supposed to come back yesterday (Sunday) but had to postpone it indefinitely due to his health .

Here are the powerful men of God who predicted the death of Buhari:

1. Ghanaian prophet, Isaac Owusu Bempah, founder and leader of the Glorious Word Ministry International was the first to make the shocking revelation in his new year prophecies for 2017.

The controversial man of God, during the December 31st crossover service said that Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari will die . He also predicted the deaths of a former president, a former first lady as well as a ‘great king’ in Ghana. He predicted a terrorist attack in the country, a coup d’etat as well as more clashes between Christians and Muslims in the country.

Here are the 17 prophecies of prophet Isaac Owusu Bempah for 2017 below:

– Death of a former president

– Death of a former first lady

– Coup d’etat in Ghana

– Death of Nigeria’s president

– Terrorist attack in Ghana

– Death of several young men and women

– Important personalities in parliament will die

– Many people will be kidnapped

– Innocent blood will be shed in a particular political party

– Increase in occult practices

– Americans will go for war

– More Muslim/Christian clashes this year

– A great king will die

– Another plane crash in Ghana

– Fire outbreaks in important offices in Ghana

– More celebrities (Actors,musicians and media practitioners) in Ghana to die S

– NDC to stay in opposition for 16 years.

2. Prophet Emmanuel Chukwudi of King of Kings Deliverance Church also predicted that that the health of President Muhammadu Buhari will fail him, leading to his death. Ebonyi state-born prophet also predicted the release of Nnamdi Kanu, detained leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB.


“Tell pro-Biafrans to stop shedding tears. Their leader Nnamdi Kanu shall not remain in prison custody for too long again. He is already on his way out. As for their (pro-Biafrans) agitations for Biafra, the Lord says it is already in the horizon. Their day shall come soon”.

“The Lord is also speaking about Nigeria. Nigeria will come out of its current recession before the end of 2019. Oil price will stabilise and hardship shall disappear.

“But towards 2019, the president’s health shall fail him, and he shall go the way of all men. But VP Yemi Osinbajo shall wrestle with the soldiers. They shall try to seize power and Osinbajo shall prevail. He shall lead Nigeria into 2019.” the man of God revealed.

3. Marcus Korede Tibetan, the Spiritual leader of the Celestial Church of Christ, Elisha Parish, had in January of 2015 predicted the death of President Muhammadu Buhari.

Prophet Tibetan known for some of his controversial statements, told Encomium Weekly that incumbent President , Goodluck Jonathan will be disgraced in the 2015 election, which came true.

He also told the magazine that the then All Progressives Congress’ presidential candidate, Muhammadu Buhari, would win the election, but with adverse consequences. The Prophet also warned that there might be consequences if Gen. Buhari assumes office by May 2015, stating that the APC

Presidential candidate may die during the four-year tenure.

“Politics started in the Bible. In Genesis 25 from verse 22, the woman said ‘If this is how pregnancy normally disturbs people, I think after this, I don’t think I am going to have a baby again’ and the Holy Spirit ministered to Rebecca, He said, Rebecca, why don’t you give peace a chance? Two nations are in your womb but the young one will be champion. The first one will be a workaholic. He may not make his way from the beginning but later he will be recognized. And when they came, it was Jacob and Esau the first twins in history and when their mother was trying to play the trick, that was the beginning of politics. People say ‘politics, politics, politics, do you know the beginning of politics? Rebecca said, now that your father is planning to die and bless Esau the first son of the house, you know I have a message from the Holy Spirit and now I want to actualize it.

“Go and get one of the choice kids of the goat flock and I will make savory food with them for your father, such as he loves and I will put the skin of the choice goat on your hand so that when your father touches you he will take you for Esau. But the father said ‘This is the voice of Jacob but the hand of Esau’. They are going to rig the elections; there is no good election coming in 2015. Goodluck has already failed, he knows but his word will hunt him. He said he will never go more than once so, why is he reneging? We saw that in him the very first day they opened Aso-Rock and he saw what they used to decorate Aso Rock, he pulled his hat and screamed. He has already disappointed and derailed us; we could have even told him we don’t need him again.

“Buhari is not coming to look for the house he wants to live in, Buhari is only coming back as a concerned Nigerian. He will win the election; he may not even finish his term. He may die….he is going to die in between . That is what the Lord has revealed but it is good for a fighter to show his skill. Buhari has never changed his colour, there is no amount of frustration you give Buhari that will change him,” Marcus Korede Tibetan said.

Compiled by TORI NEWS Editor, Alexander Thandi Ubani.