‘My Spirit Goes Out Every Night’ – The Story of a Little Girl Used for Satanic Practices Will Leave You Speechless

12 years old South African girl (name withheld) has claimed she has been living with a dark secret in her heart.

She is now saying she wants to confess to all the bad things she has done to her family.

According to Daily Sun SA, the girl revealed that she is used for satanic practices by someone living in Ivory Park, Tembisa, Gauteng, South Africa.

The girl, who lives in Sedibeng section, Tembisa, claims she leaves her home in spirit form every night when she is summoned to perform duties as instructed.

“They took my spirit when I was younger. They collect me and tell me what they want. They told me I must do sacrifices as my satanic sisters do.”

Daily Sun SA reports that the girl’s uncle who spoke on the matter, said they got suspicious when they saw her putting her feet in cold water every morning and complaining that she was tired.

“She said she was coming from Kempton Park on foot,” said her uncle. “I was surprised by this. We all sleep in the house together and I never heard her leaving the house.”

Her older sister said since she confessed, pastors have come around to pray for her and deliver her. However, the young girl has been mysteriously bumped into by cars on two occasions.

“She told me twice she was bumped over by a car but was not hurt. I was with her once when it happened. She was bumped into but she was not hurt,” said the girl’s sister.

A popular pastor in Tembisa, Daniel Mogotlane said he had worked with all sorts of satanism issues.

He said: “I have encountered so many cases of satanism. Each differs from the other. The issue of how demons operate is critical. For each satanistic deed people encounter different unpleasant behaviours. That’s why the girl had to put her feet in a bowl to cool them down.”