Why Is No One Blaming Buhari For The Fuel Scarcity?

Posted By Step1

During the last administration, we all blamed GEJ for the never ending scarcity and when he tried to resolved the issue by increasing the fuel price aka removal of subsidy we even blamed him more and even worse we protested. We even threaten to remove him and as a Leader he was, HE LISTEN TO HIS SUBJECTS and found a solution.


We have a president with an over bloated ego, made himself a petroleum minister and even worse an illiterate with not tertiary training in petroleum economics or even engineering and does not listen to anyone.

Indeed when a God want to punish an evil nation He gives them wicked and senseless rulers.

To those still supporting this government, I would say they are the true enemies of Nigeria !!!! I dare say we are the ones undoing ourselves. Imagine an illiterate on the street convincing an educated person that an illiterate 78 years old man is better than an educated 54 yrs old PhD holder.

Just wow !!!!!! Just look at the state of the Nation. What a country !!!!!

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