The Difference Between Burna Boy And Innoson Motors’ Arrest, A Big Slap To The Igbos (Photos)

By Wisdom Nwedene

The internet has been on fire since yesterday because of how Innoson Chukwuma who is the owner of Innoson Motors was arrested like a common criminal without any prior invitation. Innocent Chukwuma is a business mogul who specializes in production of durable and affordable brand new automobiles for Africans.

Let me kindly remind you of Innocent Chukwuma vision and mission in Africa.

Innoson Motors is 1st Made-in-Africa automobile brand created to eradicate “tokunbo” (foreign used) cars from Africa. Why?


Because he believes that Nigeria is among the biggest consumers of automobiles in the world without manufacturing its own cars. Africa has literally become a dumping ground for foreign used automobiles.

Innocent Chukwuma also believes that Nigeria should not be second class people that should only drive second hand vehicles.

This keeps me pondering since yesterday why a man who has this type of vision should just be arrested by EFFC like a common criminal, shooting guns sporadically and firing tear gas to his workers who staged a protest for his release despite GTBank being the one owing him over 6 billion Naira but has refused to pay the money back to him.


Even Burna Boy who is a popular singer in Nigerian and was recently accused of robbing his fellow musician Mr 2kay was not arrested like a common criminal even when there is clear evidence that he committed the nefarious act instead he was treated like a VIP when he stormed police station and was escorted by the police when he appeared in court of a recent.

The same EFCC who has not arrested registered criminals in Nigeria, now knows how to arrest Innocent Chukwuma in a commandor style as if he is a common criminal without any prior invitation by the EFCC.

From all the reports which have been circulating, it is clear that Innoson Motors is not at fault and should be respected.

Let the same EFCC who arrested Innoson Chukwuma also arrest Maina, Babachir Lawal.

I rest my case

Below is a picture of Burna Boy sitting and discussing with policemen as if they are discussing about player’s transfer from Manchester United to Real Madrid.

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