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Man Forced To Exhume Late Parents’ Remains Buried Years Ago in Imo; SEE Why (Photos)

A Facebook user identified as Ugochukwu Ezeji who is an Owerri indigene, has taken to the social networking platform to share the photos of a man who was forced to exhume his late parents’ remains. 

According to reports, the man had to exhume the remains of his late father and mother buried years ago due to the expansion of a highway by Imo State Government along Wheathral Road in Owerri as he believed that the road expansion may affect their graves.

Couple Caught Their 10yrs Female House Maid Peeping At Them When Doing “SHAKU SHAKU” In Bed.

A 10-year old house maid simply known as Onyinyechi, was brutally beaten and sent away after she was caught peeping at a couple while they retired to their matrimonial bed at night. The incident happened at Adekoroye Street in Ejigbo area of Lagos where the couple resided with the maid and their children.

The maid claimed that the crying of her madam, Mrs. Esther (surname withheld) whenever she retired to their matrimonial bed with her husband usually woke her up at night and she tried to find out. She said that she had thought they used to fight and sought to gain access to the room to separate them but the door was always locked from inside.

It was gathered that the couple expressed their surprised when the wife caught Onyinyechi standing in front of the link door between their two bedroom apartment at about 1am.

According to Mrs. Esther, she opened the door to check the condition of their children who had already gone to sleep with Onyinyechi before they retired to their bed. She said that she was surprised when she opened the door and met Onyinyechi standing in front of the door at that hour. She suspected her, threatened and she confessed.

It was gathered that the couple who got  married some years ago and had two children agreed to look for house help to assist the wife in domestic works. The wife then contacted her mother who resided in Onitsha, Anambra State, to help look for a house help for them and Onyinyechi was brought to them in February, 2018.

The couple never knew that the little girl had not been sleeping because of their activities in the bedroom which usually woke her up. They got to know when the wife caught her and insisted to know why she was still awake at that hour of the night after threatening to kill her if she did not reveal that. It was then that the girl opened up; she said that since she came to the house whenever they were fighting, that she was always peeping through the key hole to know how they were fighting but could not do anything because the door was always locked. Her madam asked her what she thought they were doing at that period and she replied that she had always thought that her husband was beating her.

Mrs. Esther broke down, gave her serious beating but she was prevented from further assaulting her by her husband who sent her back to her mother in-law and informed her that they do not need such a maid.

Slay Queens Hide Their Faces After Police Raid Brothel While Waiting For Customers. Photos

A dramatic footage has emerged today showing the moment cops raided brothels in Vietnam and found dozens of young escorts huddled together as they desperately tried to hide their faces. Police stormed into the Fortune Hotel in Ho Chi Minh City just before midnight on June 9 and caught the women waiting for customers.

The women fled into small rooms and used their handbags to cover their faces as police checked the buildings.

Cops then ran up to a hidden roof top terrace and discovered a further 30 waitresses “dressed provocatively” playing on their phones.

They were asked to go downstairs for administrative checks.

About an hour later, the same interdisciplinary inspection team made a second raid without warning at Fortune 2 Hotel, which is also on the same street.

They said there were a number of seductively dressed waitresses who were found singing karaoke with foreign guests.

Officials said that more than 80 waitresses were not officially employed under labour contracts and most of their earnings come from tips from guests.

Ho Chi Minh City Police said in a statement: “These two hotels have made a number of violations such as operating karaoke service without a license, utilising a number of waitresses per room more than permitted by laws, employing employees without contracts, and using a sexually oriented business method.”

Police later raided a third entertainment venue, the Fyou Karaoke Bar, where staff showed an ”uncooperative manner and argued loudly”.

Mobile SUV With 2 Women On Top Spotted On The Road (Photo)

Ewo!, If you think you have seen it all in Nigeria, then think again!

This SUV – a Kia Sorento – was spotted on the road. It was seen moving with a woman seated ontop of it. 

Curvy Lady Reveal How a Female Pharmacist Refused To Sell Her C©ndom, Say Its Against Her Faith

Lady Reveal How a Female Pharmacist Refused To Sell Her C*ndom, Say Its Against Her Faith

Twitter User Rita Fluffy while explaining the dangers of Nigerian girls having unprotected s*x has revealed how she met a female pharmacist who refused to sell her condoms, on reasons that its against her faith… See below!

“I’m Ugly But My P®ivate Part Is Tighter And Sweat Than Those Of Beautiful Ladies” Says Nigerian Lady (Pic, Video)

I Know Facially I Am Ugly But My Vagina Is Tighter, And My Heart Is More Beautiful Than Most Fine Girls” – Ugly Nigerian Lady Who Is Proud Of Her Ugliness Fumes, Shades Beautiful Ladies.



“I’m Ugly But My Private P@rt Is Tighter Than Those Of Beautiful Ladies” (Photo, Video)

Chaos in a Bus as 2 Evangelists Fights Over Who to Pray First in Anambra (Pics/Video)

Chaos in a Bus as 2 Evangelists Fights Over Who to Pray First in Anambra (Pics/Video)

A Peace prayer turned into something else as Two Evangelist went ballistic on each other over who to pray, According to the Lady Juliet Ifediba who shared the story, One of the pastor (The man wearing the Suit) came from a Pentecostal church, While the woman (Wearing the Native) Came from Roman Catholic..

She started praying and refused to stop, Then he started singing and refused to stop, The rest of the people in the bus started casting prayers against her. So it was Her Prayer against everyone in the Bus.

Read her post below!

”Something happened in this bus on Tuesday
according to my mum who entered this bus in awka. She said “look at the man in black suit is a pastor. As the pastor stood up to pray, there is another elderly woman standing up.”.. And from what my my mum learnt the woman is a Roman Catholic. So immediately the woman interrupted the pastors prayer and started with her’s (which is rosary)she prayed the rosary for more than 30mins.
Meanwhile the pastor was waiting. But all of a sudden a man ask the woman to cut the prayer short so that the pastor can start with a general prayer which everyone knows(cos not all passengers are catholic) others supported the man. But the woman paid deaf ears and wasn’t ready to stop.. She said. “we hv 21decades to pray” only the few catholic passengers understood and they was like, “madam PLS cut it short let’s pray a general prayer.. Immidiately the woman started shouting on Top of her voices as if someone is dragging rosary with her.,, then the pastor who was waiting patiently found out that the intention of the woman wasn’t to pray a peaceful prayers rather to bring a denominational fight….started a praise song through the as that video is a evidence that shows that 98% of the occupants of the bus join the pastor in praises.. The woman was left alone with hers..
“You won’t believe what happened”. Mum said. “The woman brought out a status of mary and began to shout sooooooooo loud. Creating a scene”. It was somehow funny to me. Her prayers goes thus… Mary Mary Mary Mary Mary.. She was shouting Mary.. And singing all rosary hymn… All of a sudden war of prayer broke out passengers started casting out any spirit of distractions in the woman.. My mom made a comment heard in the background of the video. “God there is war in ur temple cos of ur name..
But mine is….. The woman wasnt dragging God with the pastor rather she was praying to mary(watch the video).
From the video I don’t understand.. It seems the woman is crying too….

OK now mine is…
Why didn’t the woman stood up first to pray and she interrupted the pastors prayer?
Why do we allow religion to eat half of our brain?
Why do we concentrate so much on church and overlook God.?
Why do Christians fight there selves?
Why don’t we also care about humanity rather we only care about church?
Why do Christians forget that God is love,? therefore love should reign btw them.
Hell no, rather they only choose to fight over God that is love, that’s why we hv series of churches against themselves

Sometimes this is the type of video that always makes the atheist stood still to their ground.

For me church or no church.. All I know that there is One GOD.. and what I know.

Pretty Lady Cries Out As Ex-Boyfriend Threatens To Release Her UNCLADS Photos For Dumping Him

A fresh Drama is currently building up Twitter, This morning. A Lady named Annie has cried out to her page, calling out her ex boyfriend Ifeanyi Amadi who has threatened to Release Her Nude Because she broke up With him…

Now, According to her story, She broke up with him Yesterday morning cos she saw the relationship was leading no where..

Butin return he refused accepting the break up, rather he threatened to release her nude photos, She said he actually released some on Whatsapp, And told her his next bus stop will be twitter, Thats why she’s now crying out..

Read her post below!

“I Was Bored But I Made A Horrible Mistake Which Is Unforgivable”

From a Reader


I made a terrible mistake and I need your advice on how to fix this mess. Please hide my identity and please don’t judge me. I already know I messed up but I just need help urgently.

“My Wife Sends Her Nu*de Picture To Her Zenith Bank Boss” (Photos)

Mr.Arhamerene cries out that his cheating wife sent her nude picture to her boss who is a manager of Zenith Bank.

He narrates the ordeal of his broken marriage through social media after accusing his wife (now his ex) of having an affair with a colleague who is the operational manager of Zenith Bank at the Delta state university, Abraka. The heartbroken man shared his story with journalist Sapele Oghenek with the permission to post online.

Poor Road Construction: Roads And Roundabouts Built By Okorocha Flooded After Small Rain In Owerri (PHOTOS)


A facebook user shared pictures of flood in Owerri, along Okigwe Road yesterday. Flood covers roundabouts and roads as a result of heavy downpour.

The user took a swipe at the Governor when he said sarcastically that “Our Governor is working” .

“My V!rgin Girlfriend Is Frustrating Me”

From a Reader:

No bashings. 
No religious sentiments. 
Mature Comments Please.

I have a girlfriend who I love so much. It’s been more than a year now… We’ve had the ups and downs which makes every relationship peculiar in it’s own way. Everything I do, is been done out of love. Not because I want to have sex with her. I have shown her, I am not with her because of $3x. If it were that, I’d have left… And then she can say all men are the same. For her, I have done what I haven’t done for my mom or sister, not even a third(I’m sorta ashamed even adding this, but it is what it is). 

From a Reader:

No bashings.
No religious sentiments.
Mature Comments Please.

I have a girlfriend who I love so much. It’s been more than a year now… We’ve had the ups and downs which makes every relationship peculiar in it’s own way. Everything I do, is been done out of love. Not because I want to have sex with her. I have shown her, I am not with her because of $3x. If it were that, I’d have left… And then she can say all men are the same. For her, I have done what I haven’t done for my mom or sister, not even a third(I’m sorta ashamed even adding this, but it is what it is).

The issue is this, I want to make sure she is totally mine. But whenever I mention $3x, she’d tell me not to think about that, that it isn’t within her capacity, blah blah blah. Yet, she claims to love me… Frustratingly annoying. I find it difficult to cheat on her; my conscience is overly active I guess.

At other times, my sexual energy towards her just wanes… Because it’s more or less futile. I just force myself to kiss and make out with her to keep the relationship going.

On the flip side, I have a friend, a lady who wants me to date her, extremely rich girl… Even tells me to accompany her to the UK, France sometimes, I just wave it off. She calls me to tell me she loves me(which I laugh off), takes initiative, gets me things I don’t even need and a lot more. I am not the materialistic freak. I can’t double date and I can’t get down with some other person and act as though all is well. I just don’t tick that way.

We make out and all of that, but at the mention of $3x, she becomes moody, telling me it’s not honorable.

What’s your proffered solution?

Ewo!!! SEE What Happened to 17-Year-Old Jehovah’s Witness Girl After $3x Romp in Delta

A 17-year-old girl simply identified as Peace was rushed to the hospital after feeling weak following a hot $3x romp with her lover in Sapele area of Delta state. It was revealed that the teenage girl started feeling weak and faint after returning from work on Monday evening before she was taken to the hospital for checkup.

“Pls Help My Girlfriend Is Confused & Scared On What To Do About This Issue”

From a Reader:

“pls house my girlfriend is very worried and confused on how to go about this issue. She has been stayin with the older brother close to a year now. They are both unizik students . But recently she has been noticin some funny behaviour from d brother. She wakes up to find his hands on her body tryin to remove her pants. This has happened like three times now.

HELP!! My Course Rep Turns Me On, Am Crushing On Him But..

“I ve Had 0rgasm Twice While Writing Exam” – Beautiful Nig Girl Posts Online

“I ve Had 0rgasm Twice While Writing Exam

“This has happened twice to me with no sexual stimulation… 

LOL!!! N5k $3x: Pr0st!tute Runs Out Of Room Due to Client’s “Merciless $3x” (Hilarious Video)

Delta Girl with ‘Big Ikebe’ Blasted For Posting Crazy Underwe@r Photos of Herself On Facebook

A Nigerian lady has become a subject of criticism after posting photos of herself in underwear.

The lady, name withheld, took to Facebook today to show some skin and her followers have only two choices to make, either to love her or face serious problems with her.

Linda Ikeji’s Brother Busted ‘Cooking Something’ With Queen Of B@obs

Actress Cossy Ojiakor and Lind Ikeji’s brother, Peks Ikeji pictured together. Cossy Ojiakor says they are cooking something. Lol

She wrote;

Something’s cooking…@peksikeji. @lindaikejitv

See fans reactions…

How My Boyfriend Sleeps With Women In His Office – Lady Talks Bad Romance

A yet to be identified lady has painfully spoken on her romance with her boyfriend who literally chases anything in skirts.

See What A Mother Did After Finding Her Daughters Twerking In The Room. Photos

This is the moment a Spanish mum walked in on her daughters twerking in their bedroom and totally lost it. The girls were shaking it in front of their webcam when an older woman walked in carrying a laundry basket.

Without breaking stride, the mother removed her slipper and started swinging wildly at the girls mid-twerk.

The stunned kids frantically darted around the small room, shrieking uncontrollably.

One of the Facebook pages to host the video included UniLad, where it has been viewed four million times.

And the majority of social media users seemed to back the angry mum.

LASTMA Officer Begs As His Hand Gets Stucked While Trying to Enter a Car (Photos)

According to The Twitter User who shared the photo, The LASTMA Official Was Trying to enter The Car when his hands got stucked after the deiver wind up the screen.

He had to beg for over 10mins to be free.

Lady Trolled Online After Posting Underwear Photos Of Herself On Facebook.

A Lagos based lady has become a subject of criticisms from online users after trending on Facebook for the wrong reason. The young lady took to socialmedia to share pictures of herself in her underwear as she decided to show some skin because ‘her followers have got to love her or else they’ve got problem’.

The lady who hails from Delta state – was heavily criticized by online users who blasted her for embarrassing herself publicly.


Busty Slay Queen Threatens To Expose This Popular Pastor For Refusing To Pay Her N10k After All Night Hot S@x Romp (pics)

Busty Lady Threatens To Expose Pastor For Refusing To Pay Her N10k After All Night Sex (pics

A Very Busty Lady has sent out warning to Pastor Tunde Olawuni who refused to pay Her, after having her cookie all night Long, Hopeyemi Hogunsakin Very vocal with her words said he took her to a Hotel with his Church Secretary they had sex, But dumped her after she got Drunk..
The lady is now Threatening to Expose the pastor if he doesn’t pay her the N10k they agreed.
However Some of her friends blasted her on Facebook calling her Ashawo, But she replied with a message you need to read for yourself.

See below!

“After Being Side Chic For 6 Years, 33 Abortions, He Proposed & I Said…” (Photos)

Choi!!! Woman Caught Son Having $3x With School Teacher (Photo)

A Harwood junior high school employee, SHANNON HATHAWAY, 33 have been arrested by the Bedford police department over illicit relationship with a teenage student. Mrs  Shannon Hathaway  was alleged to be having an affair with a nine grade student.

This Is What Happened After Man Tried To Enter His House After Getting Drunk. Photos

An able-bodied man has been mocked online after embarrassing pictures of him were circulated online in order to warn others of thew effect of excessive alcohol consumption. The man reportedly drank to much alcohol and found it very difficult to enter his home despite the door being wide open.

He fell again and again while trying to enter his house which apparently appeared far for him and impossible to do as he dirtied himself with muddy water.

Here are pictures showing how it happened.

“I Owe No Man A Tight P**sy, If You Can’t Swim Get Drown” – Nig Lady Declares on FB (Photos Included)

A Nigerian lady with the username @Shiz Iza White took to her Facebook page to warn all men that she owes non of them a tight p*ssy.

Young Nigerian Weds An Aged Texan Woman (Photos)

Young man in his early twenties ties the knot with an older American.