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Former Minister, Idika Kalu Fingers IPOB Over Multiple Bomb Blasts in His Home


Narrating to Saturday Sun, the incident, the former minister, who is yet to recover from the shock said, they travelled home to celebrate the Easter, not knowing that merchants of death were waiting for them. “If not for God’s loving kindness and mercy, my wife and I, would have been roasted alive.

JUST IN!!! Multiple BOMB Explosions Rock Home of Former Minister, Idika Kalu

A former Minister of Finance, Dr. Kalu Idika Kalu and his wife, Imo Kalu, escaped death by the whiskers when bomb explosions rocked their country home in Ebem Ohafia, Abia State. The house is a stone-throw from the Goodluck Jonathan Military Barracks, Ohafia. The Improvised Explosive Device IED that rocked their home was allegedly made of petrol and other materials.

BREAKING!!! Biafra Day: IPOB Issues Sit-at-home Order In Igboland

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has issued a sit-at-home order, to be carried out on 30 May, across the five states of the South-East geo-political zone in memory of those killed in the Nigerian Civil War. The announcement was made in a statement signed by Mr. Emma Powerful, the group’s Publicity Secretary


A coalition of professionals in Nigeria and the Diaspora, Igbo Ekunie Initiative, IEI, has described Justice Binta Nyako of the Federal High Court, Abuja as President Muhammadu Buhari’s stooge by her alleged handling of the trial of Nnamdi Kanu and the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB.

The group lambasted the judge for demanding the whereabouts of the IPOB leader from Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe, and one other who had stood as sureties for Kanu

They demanded that Justice Binta must end IPOB’S kangaroo trial or withdraw from the case, stressing that the judge’s alleged bizarre and illogical declarations continue to demonstrate that she is working on an agenda and a script dictated by the federal government.

A statement signed by president of the group, Maazi Tochukwu Ezeoke and Lawrence Nwobu, Secretary, and made available to DAILY POST on Friday said, “Our attention was recently drawn to trial proceedings in Mr Nnamdi Kanu’s case wherein, Justice Binta Murtala Nyako declared that Senator Enyinnaya Abbaribe, who had stood as one of the sureties, must produce Mr Kanu or go to jail. We find this declaration illogical, irrational and indeed against the dictates of natural justice.

We note that Mr Kanu was on bail and was resident in his address until the federal government flouted the law and launched a bloody invasion of his home in full view of a global audience. While dozens of people were brutally killed in Kanu’s residence, Kanu himself has not been seen since the bloody raid. Against this backdrop, and beyond any doubt, the responsibility for first violating the rule of law by invading Kanu’s home and second his consequent disappearance rests on the Nigerian army/federal government.

“We note therefore that Justice Nyako’s bizarre and illogical declarations continue to demonstrate that she is working on an agenda and script dictated by the federal government. This is more so considering her demonstrated bias overall in the handling of the Kanu/IPob case

“It’s important to note that several courts had previously granted Mr Kanu and other IPOB activist’s unconditional bail which the lawless federal government refused to obey. Yet when the case came before her court, rather than insist that the rule of law be followed and that the federal government must in the first instance comply with previous court judgements granting Mr Kanu and others unconditional bail, she chose to desecrate her own institution; abdicate her responsibility to dispense justice without fear or favour and become a stooge for the federal government, thereby acting since then on the federal governments persecution script.

When eventually she granted Mr Kanu bail under intense public pressure; again acting on the script of the federal government, she imposed impossible conditions that stripped Kanu of his constitutionally guaranteed fundamental rights.

“The rule of law is the anchor of the modern state and basis for the development of all successful societies. It is supposed to provide hope and succour for the common man against the power and tyranny of the mighty and powerful. Before it; all are supposed to be equal. The fundamental of justice is supposed to remain supreme. We, We, however, note that justice Binta Nyako’s Kangaroo court has repudiated the essence of the rule of law and now uses her court to advance the tyranny of the federal government against ordinary citizens. In line with the federal government’s agenda, her Kangaroo court of injustice has continued to prosecute/persecute IPOB members even when it is established that they broke no law and acted within their constitutionally guaranteed rights to freedom of expression and the right to self-determination.

We note the hypocrisy and double standards of the federal government and their stooge Justice Binta Nyako in continuing the prosecution/persecution of non-violent IPOB members in the same country that Fulani herdsmen that are daily killing hundreds of people across the country are never arrested and thousands of murderous Boko Haram terrorists are being released without trial. We are persuaded to ask; how do Justice Binta Nyako and her paymasters sleep at night in the face of such egregious injustice that rivals Apartheid South Africa or Adolf Hitler’s 3rd Reich?

“In light of the above; we submit that Justice Binta Murtala Nyako is an agent of the federal government and is acting a script dictated by the federal government. As a consequence, we declare that Justice Binta Nyako is biased, compromised and therefore unfit to dispense justice. That her court is a “Kangaroo court of injustice” which has effectively repudiated the essence of the rule of law and the fundamental dictates of natural justice. We hereby ask Justice Binta Murtala Nyako to redeem herself by quashing all charges against IPOB members and put a stop to the shameful trial/persecution. If she is unable or unwilling to do so, we request that she withdraw forthwith from the trial as her “Kangaroo court of injustice” is unfit and incapable of doing justice to IPOB members.

“In closing; we refer to Uthman Dan Fodio who famously warned that “a nation can survive with unbelief but it cannot survive injustice.” Justice Nyako and all those who thrive on injustice/persecution of others must know that by their actions and inactions, they are active players in the injustices that are inevitably leading to the nation’s eventual collapse.

Buhari had ‘unholy romance’ with Donald Trump in US – Biafra groups

A coalition of pro-Biafra groups have described the recent meeting between President Muhammadu Buhari and his counterpart from the United States, President Donald Trump as an “unholy romance.”

They lamented that the issue of Biafra agitation was not discussed during the meeting between the two leaders

The coalition decried the continued killing of their members, saying Nigerian government must stop “playing politics with our future and existence.”

This position was made after a meeting in Enugu and was contained in a statement issued by spokespersons of the groups.

Those who signed the statement include, Comrade Uchenna Madu ( Leader of MASSOB), Nwada Eberechukwu Anigbogu ( DG, MOBIN), Engineer Innocent Amadi (BHRI) and Mazi Felix Anochirionye (EPC).The groups include, Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign state of Biafra (MASSOB), Eastern Peoples’ Congress (EPC), Igbo Youth Cultural and Restoration Initiative (IYCRI), Bilie Human Rights Initiative (BHRI), Movement of Biafrans in Nigeria (MOBIN).

Salvation People of Biafra (SP), World Union of Biafran Scientists (WUBS), Shadow Government of Biafra (SGB), Biafran National Liberation Council (BNLC), Biafran Revolutionary Organisation (BRO), Biafran Liberation Crusade (BLC),

Others include, Joint Revolutionary Council of Biafra (JRCB), Biafra Revolutionary Force (BRF), Customary Government of Biafra (CGB), Biafran Intellectual Clergy Forum (BICF), Biafra Movement for Sovereignty (BIAMOS), Biafran Central Council (BCC) and Biafran United Liberation Council (BULCO).

The statement reads partly, “The people of Biafran nation are quite disturbed by the unholy romance between Nigeria’s president and his US counterpart.

“In the face of so many cases of ethnic cleansing against Biafrans by the Buhari administration, the people of Biafra had expected that the United States President upon meeting with Buhari would take a position against these attacks.

“Unfortunately, all we got was that compromising Press Conference between the two presidents. Though we expect some high level of diplomacy on Biafra issues, fifty percent of Biafrans are disappointed on president Trump of US

“Let it be on record that the Biafrans are not amused at the lackadaisical manner which Biafra issue was thrown under the carpet. As the police of the world, the least expected from the US is to institute a case against Nigeria

“Be that as it may, Biafrans would want the United Nations to know that the suppression, killing, maiming and jailing of our people by the Nigerian military has not stopped. They must stop playing politics with our future and existence.

Biafra Remembrance Day: Biafra Groups Joined Forces To Celebrate The Events, Unveil Date

A coalition of pro-Biafra groups have disclosed date for 2018 Biafra Day celebration.

The coalition said the annual Biafra Day celebration will hold on May 30, 2018

This date was agreed upon, following a meeting of the coalition and was contained in a statement signed by the coalition’s spokespersons.

The statement was signed by Comrade Uchenna Madu ( Leader of MASSOB), Nwada Eberechukwu Anigbogu ( DG, MOBIN), Engineer Innocent Amadi (BHRI), and Mazi Felix Anochirionye (EPC).

The coalition include, Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB), Eastern Peoples’ Congress (EPC), Igbo Youth Cultural and Restoration Initiative (IYCRI), Bilie Human Rights Initiative (BHRI), Movement of Biafrans in Nigeria (MOBIN).Salvation People of Biafra (SP), World Union of Biafran Scientists (WUBS), Shadow Government of Biafra (SGB), Biafran National Liberation Council (BNLC), Biafran Revolutionary Organisation (BRO).

Others include, Biafran Liberation Crusade (BLC), Joint Revolutionary Council of Biafra (JRCB), Biafra Revolutionary Force (BRF), Customary Government of Biafra (CGB), Biafran Intellectual Clergy Forum (BICF), Biafra Movement for Sovereignty (BIAMOS),
Biafran Central Council (BCC) and Biafran United Liberation Council (BULCO).

According to the statement, “We are happy to announce that the annual May 30th celebration of the Biafran people will hold this year.

Pro Biafran groups have unanimously agreed and resolved to jointly observe, commemorate and celebrate the 51 years anniversary of Biafra declaration by our foremost leader, Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu on 30th May, 2018.

“There will be a candle night procession on the night of 29th May. The people of Biafra all over the world are enjoined to observe the candle night prayers in their respective homes if they can not participate in the holy procession

“This year’s anniversary will be celebrated by the people of Biafra not as a pro Biafra group, it is a mark of respect and honour to our father land, it is also a reminder to the visions and commandments of our great ancestors that we are not Nigerians but Biafrans.

“We enjoin our people to get ready for the celebration of this great anniversary which we will hold to remind ourselves to continue the self determination movement for Biafra actualization and restoration.”

Afenifere Reacts To President Buhari’s ‘Herdsmen Don’t Carry AK-47’ Comment

Popular Yoruba socio-cultural group, Afenifere has reacted to President Buhari’s comment on herdsmen killings at the White House during a recent visit to President Donald Trump. Buhari made headlines when he told Trump that herdsmen only carry sticks and occasionally machetes adding that they did not carry AK-47 rifles.

BREAKING!!! Herdsmen Strike in Benue After Trump’s Warning (SEE How Many they Killed)

Very disturbing report reaching IGBERE TV newsdesk indicates that no fewer than 10 persons have been killed and scores injured after suspected Fulani herdsmen attacked Tse Iortyer, near Yelewata community in Guma LGA of Benue State.

Plight of Biafrans in Nigeria: Trump’s Tactical Warning to Buhari

Donald Trump have yet again inscribed his name in the record for being one of the presidents of America to condemn the barbaric and incessant killings of Christian Biafrans since 1967 till date. While playing host to Buhari at the Whitehouse, Trump said ” we have had very serious problems with Christians who are being murdered in Nigeria, we are going to be working on that problem very very hard because we cannot allow that to happen…

Prevail on Buhari To Release Biafran Activists Detained For Celebrating You – Trump Charged

The Indigenous People of Biafra has called on President Donald Trump of America who met President Muhammadu Buhari on Monday to pressure him(Buhari) to release their members in various detention facilities, who were hauled in for celebrating his inauguration.

BREAKING!!! SEE What Benue Did to Herdsmen After Trump’s Speech

The Benue State Government has dragged Miyetti Allah Kauttal Hore and its leadership to court over the continuous killing of many people in the state. This is coming few hours after President Trump frowned at the continued slaughter of Christians in Nigeria under President Buhari’s watch.

Slaughter of Christians: IPOB Commends Trump; Demands More

The Indigenous people of Biafra have shown appreciation to Donald Trump for speaking against the incessant killings of Biafran-christians suffering persecution in the hands of Nigerian government. According to a press release by IPOB Media and Publicity Secretary Emma Powerful which were made available to IgbereTv reporter Comr.Chukwu through  read thus:

JUST IN!!! Trump Wants To Divide Nigeria – MSSN

The Muslim Students’ Society of Nigeria (MSSN) has faulted the United States President Donald Trump’s offer on killings in Nigeria, saying such an offer would further divide Nigeria.

The Amir (President) of the MSSN in Lagos State, Saheed Ashafa, said this in a press statement to react to the discussions between President Muhammadu Buhari and Mr Trump during the Nigerian president’s official visit to the U.S. on Monday.

[UPDATE] Nwodo’s Home Bombing: SEE Who Ohanaeze is Blaming for the Attack

Apex Igbo social-political organization, Ohanaeze Ndigbo, has blamed the Federal Government’s inability to stem the tide of insecurity in different parts of the country for the bombing of the home of its leader, John Nwodo in Enugu yesterday.

BREAKING!! IPOB Members Shut Down Washington DC, Kick Off Operation Cow Dance Against Buhari (Happening Now)

HAPPENING NOW: IPOB Members Storm WhiteHouse Ahead of Buhari’s Visit To Trump (Photos + Video)

Members of the Indigenous People of Biafra IPOB are streaming down to the Whitehouse now for a planned protest against President Buhari.

BREAKING!!! N’Delta Militants Threaten To Return Nigeria To Recession

Urhobo Liberation Force, ULF, a militant group in Niger Delta, has threatened to carry out a bloody operation that will throw the country into another financial slump if the Federal Government failed to make satisfactory budgetary provision for the Federal University of Petroleum Resources, FUPRE, Effurun, Delta State, in the 2018 Appropriation Bill within two weeks.

Breaking : Panic In Aso-Rock Over IPOB Claim To Forcefully Subject Buhari To DNA Test In White-House

In a couple of tweets and messages from the official facebook page of Radio Biafra, IPOB have shown readiness to subject Buhari into a DNA test following rumors that the man acting as Nigeria president is an impostor from Sudan named Jubril.


Recall last week that Femi Fani Kayode also tweeted to Donald Trump asking him to subject Buhari into a DNA test following the same rumor.


The post made by Radio Biafra Read this:


Finally, report reaching our news room is that IPOB have put facilities on the ground in Washington DC to make Buhari undergo DNA test during this American trip. All the machines that can test his sweat or any other bodily fluids is on ground for the test. I am proud to be part of IPOB

SEE What is Happening in P’Harcourt Prisons Over Trump’s Meeting with Buhari

…Feelings of betrayal, abandonment and  suffering trail plights of detainees who celebrated Trump’s electoral victory

JUST IN!!! Middle Belters in U.S to Join IPOB Protest Against Buhari Today

Information reaching Igbere TV news desk from Washington DC indicates that some middle-belters in US, particularly Kogi and Benue states, have concluded plans to join IPOB in anti Buhari protest in Washington DC today.

Nwodo: Bomb Blast, Fg’s Plan To Incriminate Us, IPOB Alleges

THERE was anxiety in Enugu yesterday, following the explosion of Improvised Explosive Device, IED, at the country home of the President General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Chief John Nnia Nwodo, at Ukehe, in Igbo Etiti Local Government Area of the state.

The incident happened at about 5.30 am when members of the household were getting ready for the early morning Sunday mass. A statement by Nwodo’s Media Aide, Emeka Attamah confirmed the bomb attack. Police Spokesman in the state, Superintendent Ebere Amaraizu also confirmed that there was an explosion in Nwodo’s house saying that investigations had started to unravel the reasons and those behind it. The Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, has condemned the attack on Nwodo’ s compound saying it was the handiwork of “terrorists disguised as herdsmen.”

Earlier,on Saturday, the IPOB, circulated a message reportedly signed by the Legal Adviser to Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Barr Chuka Momah, raising an alarm, over alleged plans by security agencies to bomb public places including schools and police stations as well as kill innocent citizens in a bid to incriminate IPOB and make it look like a terrorist organisation. Nwodo’s media aide, Attamah’s statement read in part: “A bomb explosion took place today (yesterday) Sunday, April 29, 2018, in the country home of the President General, Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Chief Nnia Nwodo. A cursory look by the Police Bomb Disposal Unit suggested it was an Improvised Explosive Device, IED, that was hurled over the fence into the compound causing damage to the windows, the ceiling of one of the houses in the compound and an air-conditioning units.

“The Enugu State Commissioner of Police, Danmallam Mohammed, accompanied by the Area Commander for Nsukka Police Command and the Divisional Police Officer for Igbo Etiti LGA, were there to inspect the scene of the bomb blast, which created a crater in the compound. “The Commissioner ordered that security be beefed up in and around Chief Nwodo’s compound and promised that the perpetrators would soon be identified and brought to justice. “Earlier, the Commander of the Bomb Disposal Unit, DSP John Aniche, had briefed both the Commissioner and Chief Nwodo on the items they collected from the scene including batteries, pellets and other materials used in preparing the IED and said that they would be carefully scrutinised and analysed. “Welcoming the Commissioner to his home, Chief Nwodo expressed surprise that anybody would be after his life but added that the incident would not deter him from leading his people. “He thanked the Commissioner for his prompt response to the incident.

Ekweremadu condemns attack
The Deputy President of the Senate, Senator Ike Ekweremadu, has condemned in strong terms the bombing of the country home of the President-General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Chief John Nnia Nwodo, in Ukehe, Enugu State. He said: “I call on the security agencies to get to the root of this devilish act and ensure that the culprits and masterminds are brought to book immediately.”

FG plans to incriminate us—IPOB

Reacting to the explosion in Nwodo’s house later, the IPOB said that those seeking to implicate IPOB will end up implicating themselves The organisation in its statement signed by the Media and Publicity Secretary, Comrade Emma Powerful said: “The organisers of this terror campaign intend to divert attention from the massive embarrassment and public humiliation that awaits ‘Buhari’ in Washington DC courtesy of IPOB in the USA. “They may have wrongly calculated that embarking on mass murder and destruction is the only way to convince the US authorities that IPOB is a terrorist organisation deserving of proscription and extra judicial executions.” Whatever the motives of these terrorists, they have failed woefully. Our modus operandi remains the same – a sustained campaign of civil disobedience, targeted global campaigns, protests, boycotts and rallies.”

Nwodo’s Home Bombing: IPOB Reveals Alleged Plot to Implicate Biafran Activists

Reacting to the explosion in Nwodo’s house yesterday, the IPOB said that those seeking to implicate IPOB will end up implicating themselves. The organisation in its statement signed by the Media and Publicity Secretary, Comrade Emma Powerful said: “The organisers of this terror campaign intend to divert attention from the massive embarrassment and public humiliation that awaits ‘Buhari’ in Washington DC

Biafra group speaks on bomb attack at Nwodo’s home, says terrorists emerging in South East

The Biafra Nations Youth League, BNYL, has condemned the bomb attack at the countryhome of the President-General of Ohaneze Ndigbo, John Nwodo, at Ukehe in Enugu State.

Recall that some unknown persons threw Improvised Explosives Devise, IEDs, into Nwodo’s residence over the weekend.

Reacting to the attack, National leader of BNYL, Prince Richard said those behind the attack are “enemies within the South East.”

In a statement signed and sent to DAILY POST, Richard said, “Although, we are still waiting for the group of people or new terrorist originating in the East to come out boldly and claim responsibility, because I cannot understand why someone will strike and do not want to send message across as to why he or she is provoked”.

Richard also admonished the people of the South East not to point accusing fingers at people outside the region.

“I wouldn’t want to say the internal crises in Ohanaeze led to this actions, but those behind this wicked act are enemies within, but it’s unfortunate we don’t know reasons behind their actions,” he said.

Biafra: President Donald Trump & The Ugly Story of Buhari (MUST READ)

On the 20th of January 2017, Donald J Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States of America, a victory that some high profile political analysts have termed unbelievable, but as for me, it is God’s inspired victory, considering the fact that Mr Trump was not given a chance of survival

Pro Buhari Protest Kicks Off in U.S (Photos)

A group of Buhari supporters held a small rally welcoming President Muhammadu Buhari to the United States for his meeting with President Donald Trump in Washington DC.

BREAKING!! Nigerian Embassy In Washington Vows To Stop IPOB From Embarrassing Buhari At The White House

Herdsmen killing : Reverse proscription of IPOB now– IPOB blasts Igbo governors

The Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, has called for the immediate reversal of its proscription by governors from southeastern part of the country.

The group said failure to do that, all the five governors in the eastern would be held responsible for any major attack in the zone by herdsmen

Emma Powerful, IPOB’s Spokesman, in a statement issued on Saturday lamented that Arewa leaders that allegedly forced Igbo governors and Ohaneze Ndigbo to proscribe the group, had so far refused to proscribe the Fulani terror herdsmen that were killing people in the South East, Middle Belt and other parts of Southern Nigeria.

The statement affirmed that the blame for any Fulani invasion of any part of Biafraland must be laid squarely at the doorstep of South East Governors’ Forum and Ohaneze Ndigbo.

The statement reads below:

His by unfolding events and the imminent danger of attack by Fulani terror herdsmen in the South East and South South, it has become imperative for concerned citizens to compel Gov. Dave Umahi, Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, Okezie Ikpeazu, Rochas Okorocha, Willie Obiano and Ohaneze Ndigbo to reverse their public proscription of IPOB or else they will be held responsible for any major herdsmen attack anywhere in the South East or other parts of Biafraland.

We are hereby placing all Biafran ethnic nationalities on record, especially the Igbos, that the criminal conspiracy to proscribe IPOB by South East governors in collaboration with Ohaneze Ndigbo was hatched to aid the Fulani invasion and conquest of Igboland. Under heavy pressure from the Fulani caliphate in mid-2017, Igbo governors along with Nnia Nwodo and Ohaneze Ndigbo executive conspired to leave Ala-Igbo defenseless by their treacherous proscription of IPOB.

By proscribing IPOB and aiding the indiscriminate arrest, torture, murder and detention of IPOB family members at the hands of Fulani law enforcement officers, these Igbo governors working alongside Ohaneze Ndigbo literally sacrificed Igboland and the lives of thousands of Igbo people to the marauding herdsmen. They not only opened the door for the invaders to come in, they knowingly aided the slaughter of hundreds if not thousands of innocent people in their quest to please their Fulani masters. Interestingly enough, the same Arewa leaders that prevailed upon Igbo governors and Ohaneze Ndigbo to proscribe IPOB have so far refused to proscribe their own Fulani terror herdsmen that are doing the killings in the South East,

Middle Belt and other parts of Southern Nigeria. How perverse is that?

How is it possible that seemingly reasonable and apparently educated Igbo leaders could be persuaded by their northern counterparts to proscribe, ban and fight IPOB that are the only people capable of defeating Fulani herdsmen, when the same northern leaders have repeatedly failed to offer mere verbal condemnation of the atrocities of their all conquering herdsmen? One is forced to ask, where are the brains of these Igbo leaders. Definitely these are not the type of people that will defend Igboland in times of crisis such as now

They are infinitely incapable of confronting this common threat to our existence.

Before the murderous invasion of the home of our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu in Isiama Afaraukwu on the 14th of September 2017 by Nigerian soldiers acting on the instructions of South East governors and Ohaneze Ndigbo, it was common knowledge that the menace of Fulani terrorists were a distant memory. IPOB quietly and effectively checkmated their activities across the length and breadth of Biafraland. We repelled the terrorists and stopped them in their tracks in Delta and Enugu State on six separate occasions without fanfareThat there weren’t any Fulani terror herdsmen attacks throughout the period our leader was touring Biafraland was down to the excellent work IPOB did in our communities to keep it safe from herdsmen attacks. Since the invasion of our leader’s home and his abduction by Nigerian soldiers, followed by the hasty and illegal proscription of IPOB by Igbo governors and Ohaneze Ndigbo, Fulani herdsmen has been emboldened to attack outlying villages with impunity. The most distressing aspect of it is that these governors have no solution to curb the menace. There has been more than four reported attacks in Ebonyi State alone in recent times to which Gov. Dave Umahi have appeared impotent to do anything about.Instead he is advocating for the establishment of Fulani cattle colonies in Ebonyi State all because he wants to be a Vice Presidential candidate to a northerner.

BREAKING!! Buhari’s Visit To Washington DC : IPOB Members & Hausa Set To Clash On Monday

Breaking: Court Grants Bail To IPOB Coordinator Detained In Anambra Prisons

A Federal High Court Sitting in Anambra State has granted Bail to an IPOB Coordinator who was illicitly abducted in his Shop, on the 13th day of November by Awkuzu SARS Anambra.

Biafra: IPOB Blows Hot, Warns Nigerian Government Against Witch-hunting Abaribe, Chidoka

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) on Thursday, warned the Federal government of Nigeria to desist from any form of ill-treatment towards the duo of Senator Enyinnaya Abribe and a former minister of Aviation, Osita Chidoka, over their roles in facilitating the release of its leaders, Nnamdi Kanu.

The group said any attempt to victimise Abaribe and Chidoka would be resisted and would push them to react appropriately .

The warning was contained in a press statement issued by IPOB’s Media and Publicity Secretary, Emma Powerful, and made available to MC EBISCO in Awka.

The group wondered why the Federal Government was contemplating going after the two men knowing full well that Kanu’s inability to return to court as contemplated was frustrated by the alleged military attack on his residence in Afara Ukwu, Abia State.

Parts of the statement read, “The orchestrated witch-hunt against Chief Chidoka and Senator Abaribe must stop with immediate effect or else every APC infrastructure across Biafraland, both human and material will be decimated beyond recognition.

“We are not interested in engaging in any direct confrontation with anybody but if Nigeria thinks they can harass these outstanding Igbo sons because they merely stood up to surety our leader, then they are grossly mistaken.

“There are countless corrupt Fulani men in Nigeria. In fact that Nigeria is so backward today is because of Arewa misrule and unprecedented entrenchment of mediocrity at the heart of governance.”

The group said the obsession of this APC regime with Nnamdi Kanu, IPOB and Biafra is its greatest undoing. It said using blackmail to intimidate the political class in the South East does not mean there are no more men of good conscience who can rise up to criticise evil when they see one.

The group also added that, “IPOB is not and will never be interested in Nigerian politics but any politician unfairly singled out from the South East, South South and Lower Benue, to be ridiculed and messed up by either the EFCC or any other Fulani controlled government agency, will be resisted to the hilt.

“This nonsense is becoming intolerable. What are the crimes of Chief Osita Chidoka and Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe?

“Senator Abaribe merely criticised this regime which is his duty to do as an opposition lawmaker since at least on paper Nigeria is still a democracy.

“Leave Senator Abaribe and Osita Chidoka alone! If you want them to forfeit their bail bond please use the appropriate channels which is the law court not crude and primitive intimidation by the EFCC.

“It may have worked with Senator Dino Melaye but it definitely will not work with Senator Abaribe because IPOB will not allow it,” it said.