Published On: Mon, Oct 3rd, 2016

Did You Use Worldjunction Yet?

Worldjunction  a growing social media and entertainment network has been growing quietly in Africa with over one million people joining the network across across Africa in the last 6 months.  Earlier this year,the network made announcement that they will be hosting a program of different sector as a competition for the teaming African Youths.

Worldjunction unlike every other social network is about sharing content to people in your friends circle but Worldjunction has so many features that will entertain you on the go without waiting to have bunch of friends. There are video channel that curate videos from youtube to the network. There are petition to ignite social change. There are Coupons features to get discount from your  best shopping sites and many more features in Worldjunction.

Recently a campaign Called #ILOVEWORLDJUNCTION was setup by Worldjunction which attract so many users  around the world for the network.

Worldjunction pride itself as global community without race. The slogan is “One World, One Connection”

Check out Worldjunction and tell us your experience with the network.



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