Published On: Tue, Aug 30th, 2016

Teen Arrested For Being A Fake Doctor Re-Arrested Again — For Being A Fake Doctor Again.


A teenager who was arrested for posing as a doctor has been rearrested…for posing as a doctor and stealing.


Malachi Love-Robinson was first accused of pretending to be a doctor in January 2015. Then 17, he pretended to be a consultant in at least one gynecological examination at St. Mary’s Medical Center, according to a West Palm Beach police report.

Records show that last October he opened a clinic in Boynton Beach but closed it after he was issued a cease-and-desist order that same month from the Florida of Department of Health because he didn’t have a medical license.

In an Oct. 14 meeting with state investigators, Love-Robinson said a college transcript and diploma from the Southwest College of Natural Medicine and a diploma from Arizona State University that he had presented at the clinic were fraudulent, according to records.

Love-Robinson said he had a degree from an online Christian school, and advised that medical doctors on staff would be consulted if a client needed a medication change, according to a report of the interview.

Yet the state investigators determined that Love-Robinson’s role at the clinic went too far, saying that for nearly a month he was “leading the public to believe [he] was a licensed medical doctor, without holding an active license,” the report said.

Later, investigators got a tip that Love-Robinson was again practicing medicine without a license from an office called The New Birth New Life Medical Center, at 4700 N. Congress Ave. in West Palm Beach, according to an arrest report.

Love-Robinson was presenting himself as a licensed physician and had employees, but no one there was licensed to diagnose and treat patients, the report said. He was arrested in February after allegedly conducting a physical examination of a female undercover officer, who came to his office complaining of feeling sick.

Love-Robinson allegedly told the officer that he was a “doctor of homeopathic medicine” and a health care practitioner specializing in all-natural treatments. He also said he had an “MD” on staff to prescribe antibiotics for other physical ailments, the arrest report said.

Among the second set of charges, Love-Robinson was accused of stealing personal checks from Anita Morrison, an 86-year-old West Palm Beach woman he visited at her home several times concerning severe intestinal pain.

Officials say Love-Robinson tapped Morrison’s checking account to make $34,504 in payments for his Nissan car loans and credit cards. He’s also accused of forging three checks totaling $2,794.

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