Published On: Thu, Aug 25th, 2016

JUST IN! Aftermath of Enugu Gov't House Attack: Gun Men Arrested. (See Photos)

Recall that IGBERE TV broke the news yesterday of heavy shooting in the Enugu State govt house by unknown gun men.

This is details of what happened according to  eyewitnesses:

“I was there when everything started, it was arm robber. They rob someone along that government house, which lead to traffic conjunction. No way for them to run and so the opened heavy fire, guy see run, see guns. Finally mobile police surface and the arm robbers jumped into the fence of government house.

Thank God no live was lost then.”


Another an witness account:


“Fully armed with heavy shooting right infront of Enugu state government house, got people scampering for safety..But for the quick intervention of the joint security forces,here is the result….SAY NO TO CRIME!

It doesn’t pay.Report any suspicious movement to the police and let’s have a crime free society.End of the road for umu abiriwa..042 is not for criminals.Stay clear or you go down..Kudos to the Nigerian police.’ ”

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IGBERE TV investigation reveals the robbers, who were 6 in number killed a pregnant women during the operation while the police killed one of the gunmen.


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