Ladies, See 7 Types Of Guys You Shouldn’t Be With In 2019(Must Read)

  1. Stingy Men

One of the types of guys you shouldn’t be with in 2019 is the stingy ones. Some men are naturally stingy. If your guy is stingy, make sure you cut him off in 2019.

Your guy should be able to take care of you and make you look attractive. Most times, some ladies will still be with a stingy guy because they don’t want to be labelled Gold-diggers.

It doesn’t matter what people call you. Your man should show caring in cash. If he doesn’t have, it is understandable. But if he doesn’t just like spending money on you, then he isn’t for you.

Men like these don’t worth your time. Give them a very wide gap.

  1. Chronic Smokers And Drug Users

Drug users and chronic smokers are also among the types of you shouldn’t be with in 2019. One thing with people that are into drug abuse is that they never get better.

Any guy that excessively smokes or uses hard drugs shouldn’t be tolerated in a relationship. These are the types of guys that beat women, very aggressive and they make relationships complicated.

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Ladies yield to my advice, do away with any man that is into substance abuse as you approach 2019. Sincerely, except you are birds of the same feather, I don’t see how you will enjoy being a relationship with a chronic drug user.

  1. The Notorious Liars

Mhen! Some guys can lie. They will lie about everything; their career, finances, home, cars even the relationship itself.

He just wants to impress you that he is super rich. While in reality, he is a “broke Ass Nigga”. Sadly, ladies will naturally fall for men like this. He will present himself as their fairy tale lover. Oops! It’s all scam…

You will always enjoy the initial stage of this relationship. But as time passes by, you will realize that he is completely fake.

In 2018, my very close friend was heartbroken by one of them. The lady in question is from a fairly rich background and she fell in love with this “Yoruba Demon” along the line.


Trust me, the guy basically lied about everything. In fact, he proposed to my friend while his marriage was a month away. But she later found out and was really broken. It took a while for her to move on.

So, take note of all the stories your guy is telling you. Once they aren’t consistent, please know that he is a liar and let him off the hook immediately. After all, a stitch in time saves nine.

  1. The Cheater

A cheating guy is a parasite you must cut off from your life. Some men are great cheaters. He will go for anything on a skirt and will even shamelessly at other women with interest when he is with you.

When you are with these types of men, you are scared of introducing your beautiful friend or younger sister to him. This is because you know he will definitely want to get’em down.

  1. Those That Are In For Your Body Nothing Else

One of the types of guys you shouldn’t be with in 2019 is those that are only interested in your body. They aren’t concerned about your career goals or what you are going through in life.

They will only call you when they want to have sex. And after you give them what they want, you never hear from them again.

In fact, they always feel bored when you tell them what you are currently facing in our life. If you currently have a guy like this in your life, it is time to cut him loose. He is good for nothing “Asshole”.

  1. Those That Are Commitment Phobic

When dating a guy that doesn’t want commitment, you are just wasting your time. I assure you, nothing good can out of such relationship.

These guys are relatively common. They will like to spend time with you, take you out and even takes a walk with you. In fact, he sometimes eats from the honeypot.

But ask him what are you guys doing, he will tell you that “it’s complicated”. That is when he will start recounting his experience with his ex-girl.

Any guy that is afraid of commitment is one of the types of men you shouldn’t be with in 2019.

7.Yahoo Boy

If you are dating a Yahoo boy (who are sometimes ritualists) ensure you end whatev

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