Abia 2019: Ikpeazu’s N1b Tales of Fallacy! – Ogah’s Aide

By Demian Igbokwe

Elections are close and it is becoming apparent to Governor Okezie Ikpeazu that he is drowning in the sea of failure, falsehood and incompetence. Ikpeazu and his sheninegans are at their worst elements, doing every evil work to confuse, manipulate and deceive Abians.

Recently, ikpeazu has appointed more than 200 urchins, recruited primarily to be his internet soldiers on various social network platforms. These criminal urchins sing his praises, castigate the noble of men and attack with venomous intensity those who mean well for Abia State. In a desperate and malicious magnitude, these urchins are in concert with over 1800 diminutive Special Assistants who draw public funds without any productive contribution to the administrative and economic health of Abia. Public funds are wasted on these unproductive persons at the expense of unpaid pensions and salaries of civil servants.

Demian Igbokwe

The Abia State owned online media propaganda platform, Eastern Telegraph, in their desparation to keep ikpeazu afloat has begun a fruitless attempt to put Dr Uche Ogah, the Abia APC Governorship candidate, into ridicule and disrepute. Their aimless and wicked insinuation is that Dr Ogah sort a N1billion loan from Prince Arthur Eze for purposes of 2019 elections which loan was also refused by the Prince. This allegation is not only wicked and demeaning but absolutely calculated to destroy the reputational capital of Dr Ogah.

This allegation is designed by ikpeazu and his criminal undertakers, as a malicious falsehood to destroy the sufficient status of Dr Ogah. Nothing represents irresponsible conduct than this malicious publication by Ikpeazu and his cohorts.


Ikpeazu really has nothing to say about Dr Ogah. It is obvious that cheap blackmail about petrol station sales to Orji Kalu are exhibitis of their mindless pursuit for survival and a caricature of their ignorant disposition. Alas! It seems they intend to sale off the private assets of Dr Ogah?

Dr Ogah is not distressed nor any of his businesses distressed. He is solvent as well as his businesses. His capacity to meet his obligations are clear and active. His ability to meet his obligations and maintain his humanitarian credibility are obvious. Dr Ogah’s alleged inability to meet his obligations remain conjectures in the heads of ikpeazu and his urchins.

Dr. Uchechukwu Sampson Ogah has a very transparent and verifiable story from grass to grace. Abians and Nigerians at large has witnessed Ogah’s splendid humanitarian support to the weak and vulnerable members of the society. His reputation has been without blemish with his businesses a household name.

Ogah’s Masters Energy Group is a major global player in the oil and gas business. A licensed off taker of crude oil, Condescents and Natural Gas. The Masters Energy Group secured all these licenses by sheer merit. Those peddling falsehood that Dr Ogah is broke should also tell us if Nigeria is broke or whether Nigerian oil and gas exports has stopped.

Now that both Prince Arthur Eze and Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu has come out publicly to refute the Ikpeazu’s media goons insinuations and malicious lies, what else will they dish out to the great people of Abia?

It’s laughable for Ikpeazu, a salary earner all his life, to insinuate that a giant employer of labor and owner of a foremost Nigerian Conglomerate as huge as Masters Energy is broke.

We want to state it categorically clear to the good people of Abia, that Dr. Uchechukwu Sampson Ogah, did not come into the Abia gubernatorial race to show case money. He only got involved because he knows that Abia deserves a better deal from the shenanigans of Ikpeazu.

Hon. Demian Igbokwe
Writes from Umuahia