“Ikpeazu: The Unending Lies of a Failed Governor”

By: Chinedu Nkemakolam

Like Aba $1.5Billion Chinese Shoe Factory, Like Abia Economic City. Abians, Be Watchful of Ikpeazu’s next lie.

Anytime the Profligate Governor of Abia, Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu (A.k.a Dr. Spendthrift) has a court case or election is approaching he would come up with one bogus and unrealistic project or the other just to hoodwink Abians.

The latest of his charade is an “ill conceived” and ” not designed to work” Abia Economic City just few months to election just to deceive his gullible followers because an enlightened person can not fall for such trash and deceit.

Now tell me, where in Abia State today has the level of infrastructure needed to support such an ambitious project like economic city? or he just wants to do what others are doing. First thing should be done and that is the provision of sound infrastructure and enabling environment to pilot such project or it could it be that Ikpeazu doesn’t know the meaning of “Economic City”?


This is a man that has been constructing one flyover for close to 4 years now at Osisioma when the Governor of Ebonyi State has constructed 2 flyovers and unprecedented level of road construction in his state within same 4 years.

Truth be told, good governance is not an issue of political party but the will to make life easier for your people after all Gov. Ikpeazu and Dave Umahi of Ebonyi belong to the same political party.

Beyond sentiment, it is now a Clarion Call on all Abians of good conscience to join hands with Dr. Uche Ogah to reclaim Abia state from Ikpeazu and his slave master for the good of this generation and unborn, hence Ikpeazu can’t rise or perform more than those that foisted him on Abians.

Yes, Dr. Uche Ogah has shown enough good will as someone who truly love his People and his State, he is committed to the well being of Abians and he will make those who are connected to Abia project Proud.

Vote APC

Vote Dr. Uchechukwu Sampson Ogah, OON for Abia Governor 2019.

Nkemakolam writes from Umuahia

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