“I Love Kanu, He is My Brother But We Must Vote in 2019” – Nwankwo

I love Nnamdi Kanu, he is my brother and if Biafra is ever achieved, I will be happy with him in it.

Yet we have to survive in Nigeria, in order for Biafra to be a reality. A lot of us do not have any other country to call our own, we dont have the luxury, just like him, to possess any other identity apart from being Biafrans in Nigeria. So our survival and progress is tied to the survival and development of the entity called Nigeria, at least for now!

Nnamdi Kanu & IPOB Members

So I will Vote!

Yes, I will join the others who will be voting to decide who governs us and whose emergence will further energize the March for freedom…!

Wouldn’t it give the struggle a better outlook if we have Senators and members of the House of representatives who will openly and boldly talk about the Biafran struggle in both chambers?

Will boycotting the election solve any of the leadership problems we face in our region?


If anyone decides to boycott the election, that is still within that person’s right, it will not stop the elections and some one must emerge!

But I must advise, except you have intentions of leaving this country today or tomorrow, please go out there and vote, your fate, our fate and the fate of this nation largely depends so much on the type of leaders we will be electing in the coming days!

I wish we have a total departure from the old ways….!

How I wish it’s Nigeria’s time for that Dramatic turn around…!

There is a special kind of energy that should accompany that movement…!

I have not seen it in these two persons, one of whom must be sworn in by May 2019.

The Carriers of that mandate are still in the political wilderness where our irresolute minds benumbed by stereotypes has dumped them…!

So it should not make us quarrel!

Go out that day and Vote. If you insist you don’t want to vote, stay at home and eat ofe nsala in your house, watch TV, sleep or go to farm. Don’t go and be disturbing the ones that voted. Allow them to count their votes and through the radio, they will announce to you, those who be in charge of our commonwealth for the next 4years!

By Ugochukwu Nwankwo


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