I Fear Nothing On Earth As I Fear S*x – Nigerian Pretty Lady R’ape At 7 By Family Member Breaks Silence

I Fear Nothing On Earth As I Fear S*x – Nigerian Pretty Lady R@ped At 7 By Family Member Breaks Silence

In the recent past, IGBERE TV  has witnessed a rise in the cases of minors being raped around in Nigeria. Devastating stories and shocking statistics have been brought to light with an increasing number of sexual abuse cases on children.

In this report, a Nigerian lady  Adaeze Jacinth residing in Port-Harcourt  has shared a shocking report to IGBERE TV how she was sexually molested and raped.


At what age was you molested?

I was sexually molested when i was a child, it was an experience i wouldn’t wish any Child to have, it was at my 7years, It was an ugly experiences but  am a survivor now!


Who Molested you? Brother, Father or Uncle ?

My molester was a family member. That’s the much I can say

What is your greatest fear in Life?

Till tomorrow my fear for Sex is second to non. I fear nothing on earth as I fear sex. I engaged in Sex therapy course so as to heal, I am healing. I also thank the universe for blessing me with a Loving partner.

What advise Do You Have For  Parents?

I have one advise to parents, be careful who you trust your kids with especially those close holy innocent relatives, whether a boy  or girl child don’t trust your kids in their hands. Boys get raped too.

What advise do you have for others who are sexually abused and traumatized ? 

If you were sexually assaulted like me, stop hating yourself. It was never your fault. If I could survive it, trust me you too can.