Choi!!! Okirika Festival In Nig Where Young V!rg!ns Dance N@k3d (Photos)

Speculation trials photos from Okirika festival in River state of Nigeria where virgins pride themselves by dancing semi n3ked for spectators and suitors.

According to a Facebook user, the virgins were said to be kept in a fatty room for about 1-3 months after which they are brought to dance in public.

The reason for keeping the virgins in the fatty house was not stated at the time of filing this report. Perhaps the said virgins undergo some rituals before the dance sections.

IGBERE TV learnt that men even book them in the room for marriages.

Here is an excerpt from the Facebook post:

“Guess You Don’t know this
That there is a Festival In Okirika in Rivers State, were Virgins are kept in fatty room for 1-3 months after which they are brought out to dance in public like this to be sprayed money; men even go and book them in the room for marriage.

It still happens till date now you know.