Woman Set On Fire By Her Neigbour Reveals How ‘She Died And Came Back To Life

A young mum set on fire by her sadistic neighbour described how he smirked as her face melted away.  Kirsten Ashby, 27, from Milton Keynes, had petrol poured over her by depraved James Bowen when she went to the aid of his girlfriend.

She was left with layers of her skin on her face melted away, as well as her shoulder-length dark hair burned to a cinder in the sickening attack, for which Bowen was jailed for life.

Speaking to TalkRadio’s Iain Lee, she revealed that as she fought for her life in coma, she “had a few dreams” including one where her daughter Maddison appeared.

“One of them was standing there and being given an option. I could live or I could die,” she said. “First of all, I chose to die. I was going down, I was falling and falling, and then I got given a second chance. “In my dream I was asked again, ‘Do you want to live or do you want to die?’

“Within that second, Maddison popped into my head. And I said, ‘No, I’m going to live.’ I came back up and carried on fighting my way through.”

The Good Samaritan had gone to the aid of Lauren Russell who was suffering a fit but Bowen flew into a drug-fuelled rage when she suggested calling an ambulance.


Bowen, who had drunk a bottle Jack Daniels and taken cocaine, feared social services would take away their five children.

His sentencing hearing heard how he threw petrol over her and stood smoking a cigarette while he set it alight with a smug look on his face.

Kirsten was left with no finger tips, no ears, layers of her skin on her face melted away and her shoulder length brown her all burned away.

Kirtsen recalled the first time Maddison walked into and stood beside her bed.

“I got really emotional. And then I was like, ‘Come on Kirsten, pull yourself together’,” she said.

“We were just talking. She was like, this has happened in school and then my friend did this, and she was amazing.

“She kept on looking at my hands, my arms and my skin. So I said to her, ‘Do you want to stroke my arm? It feels like a lizard’.”

Kirsten underwent 80 operations said her daughter was initially afraid to touch her skin for fear of hurting her.