Children Hired To Campaign For Umahi’s Second Term In Ebonyi State (Photo)


By Wisdom Nwedene

It has come to my notice that children were hired to campaign for governor Dave Nweze Umahi’s second term in office in Ebonyi state which is very devastating and sad. This happened in ohaukwu, Ebonyi state.

It saddens my heart seeing children which are ought to be in school, campaigning and carrying placards for a governor. It does not speak good of my dear state, Ebonyi. I don’t want to mention the name of the person who rented these innocent children for reasons best known to me but if he doesn’t desist from such act, definitely I will expose him and he will pay for his actions.

Children are leaders of tomorrow, they are supposed to be in schools, learning in order to become useful in the society and not being used as political thugs.

(Wisdom Nwedene is a writer, online newspaper editor and motivational speaker)