IPOB Is More United And Caring Than Nigeria Government (TRUE OR FALSE?)

IPOB at the moment seems to be the only structured organization that is fighting for her independence in a more civilized manner.

The very good thing about IPOB is the fact that they do not abandon their victims members.

On daily basis, IPOB through her relief support teams in Biafraland do storm prisons and hospitals , sending relief materials, and paying bills of her members, something which Nigerian government had never done before.


Today, if you visit  hospitals all over Nigeria both government and private owned, you will see a patient that have stayed up to 11 months and some up to 2years without anybody caring for them. Such is a case of a  young lady identify as Blessing, this young lady gave birth via operation at King David Specialist hospital, situated at Abagana ( now at Oye-agu), the doctor sure-charged her a fees of N270,000 , this young lady whose parent were late has no body to pay up the bills and have stayed up to good 7months and still counting. As a matter of fact, she have appealed to several government agencies in Anambra state and Nigeria, and have also called several radio stations, yet the government shows no lethargy of concern towards her plights.

In IPOB, they do not abandon their own regardless of the perils to themselves. these sometimes makes me to wonder and pictured the kinds of Utopia Biafra is going to be if given a chance for an independent state.

IPOB also understand and value human lives, despite several provocations from the government, they always refrain from violence, maintaining their peaceful approach amidst several muti-farious challenges and calls for arms conflict.

The pertinent question is: are you going to identify with a group that cared for her members or stick with a government that have no value for human right laws, which one is more better?

Editorial By Chukwu Solomon.



please do note that this article do not in  any way reflect or sought to the opinion of IgbereTv but to that of the author.