Again, Petrol Prices Go Up



Qatar Petroleum said it has reset the prices of petroleum products in the country, in line with international oil prices.

Effective from 1 February, Premium grade petrol price will go up by 5 dirhams and will cost QR1.85($0.51) per litre compared to QR1.80 in January.

The new price makes the cost of petrol to be about N183.6k, more than the N145 being paid in Nigeria.

Super grade will be costlier by 5 dirhams and will cost QR1.90($0.52)(N187) per litre. It was QR1.85 in January, according to the new price list issued by Qatar Petroleum.

Price of diesel will increase by 10 dirhams. It will be QR1.85($0.51) a litre as against QR1.75 in January. This, at N183.6k, is cheaper than the price on offer in Nigeria. In Lagos and Abuja, diesel sells for between N200 and N210.

The reported this is the highest ever price announced for petrol after the Ministry started pegging the fuel prices to the international market.

Prices had risen in January also.

When the first list was announced in June 2016 the premium petrol was QR1.20 per litre, super QR1.30 per litre and diesel QR1.40 per litre.

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