“See Fulani Hunters Having Fun In My Farm” – Aroms Aigbehi Shares Photos

These men are Hausa and Fulani men who are hunters (not the herdsmen). The are all northerners. They are at my farm having fun. Every few months they will come in group of at least 20 of them with dogs and hunting gears to hunt and use my farm as base. It was really fun. They don’t come anymore because the guys Lai Mohammed calls the foreigners have driven them away as well. Those so called foreigners have AK47.

This was before Buhari came. There was no big agenda then. These men are the good guys. Some people think southerners hate northerners. But as you can see, there are lots of northerners in my farm. These are the peace loving types. Not killing herdsmen. Trouble starts when someone is trying to kill the other. Without a dogmatic and myopic leaders Nigerians can really live together.