BREAKING!!! Vehicle Conveying Soldiers to Crackdown on Separatists in Ghastly Accident (Photos)

A multipurpose military bus of the Cameroon arm forces transporting men of the Rapid Intervention Brigade BIR, from Limbe to Bamenda, reportedly got into a severe accident in Dschang, Menoua Division in the West Region.

Details of the incident are still sketchy. However, we can report that the accident happened at Dschang. There are severe injuries reported of some of the BIR agents but no casualties have been reported. “A few had bruises, sprains, minor fractures while most were just frightened by the occurrence,” a source told the Cameroon Journal.


The Cameroon Gov’t has recently been deploying troops to the Southern Cameroons regions of the Northwest and Southwest to subdue activists of the Southern Cameroons who are demanding complete secession from La Republique du Cameroun.

The military is reported to be heavily deployed in the cities of Bamenda, Kumba, Limbe and Buea. They operate in mufti and in uniform to tract down and arrest those they suspect are fanning separatists sentiments in the two regions.

Our reporters are still carrying out investigations as to what led to the accident and the precise location. In the meantime, Southern Cameroonians have interpreted the accident as an act of God – nemesis against LRC’s brutal arrest and torture of Southern Cameroonians. We will bring details as they come in.