Published On: Fri, Mar 17th, 2017

To Hell With The So Called Niger Delta Republic – N/Deltan


To Hell With The So Called Niger Delta Republic – N/Deltan


I stumbled into a thread today here on nairaland showing the Ijaws carrying placards claiming Gelegele belongs them. I want to first start by asking start by asking tonyebarcanista and all other so called Ijaw here on nairaland how does “Gelegele” which is clearly Bini in nature suddenly now belongs to the Ijaws? If Gelegele belongs to the Ijaws, how come Ijaws are not counted amongst the 17 known ethnic groups in Edo state but Ebira is recognized as an ethnic group in Edo state?

Secondly, whom did the British, Portuguese and Dutch traders and explorers make contact with when they first arrived Benin Kingdom? Who directed the Europeans through Gelegele into Benin kingdom? What connects the Binis and the Ijaws like the Urhobos and the Itsekiris? Are the Binis and the Ijaws culturally, geographically, religiously or linguistically linked in any way? Is the Izon language an Edo dialect like the Urhobos?

Thirdly, if Gelegele belongs to the Ijaws how come there’s an Enogie there and not an Ijaw king? How come the towns in Gelegele community all have Bini names and not Ijaw names? Finally, why are Ijaws naturally land grabbing? Why do you always insult the hospitality of everywhere you go? If it’s Aladja today it’s Olomu or Ilajes or Arepo or Ajegunle tomorrow? I’ve always been against Igbos lumping any ethnic group in the Niger Delta into their proposed Biafra but from what I’m seeing Ijaws are the biggest and worst land grabbers. I can also see why the so called Niger Delta Avengers are hell-bent on creating a so called Niger Delta. The aim of creating a so called Niger Delta Republic is an avenue to steal and grab the lands of other ethnic groups. All through the history of the Ijaws it has always being about fighting their host or neighbours. Was it Ubeji, Ajegunle, Ilaje, Arepo, Aladja, Olomu and now the Gelegele which is clearly Bini.

My advice to every Ijaw is this. No portion or inch of land in Edo state would be given to the Ijaws. Ijawland starts from Bayelsa, parts of Rivers and ends in parts of Ondo. Any attempt to encroach into any land in Edo state would be met with not only a heavy resistance but a very brutal one at that. You Ijaws are beginning to overstep your boundaries and it’s time every ethnic group in the South South stand up to land grabbers like you. We the Binis are not the Itsekiris, the Urhobos, the Ikwerres, the Ogonis or the Yorubas whom you try this antic with. Having a fight with the Binis would spell doom to the Ijaws.

By a Concerned Niger Deltan

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