ENDTIME!! Married Woman Filmed Herself Having S*x With Pet Dog Then Send Video To Her Husband (Photo + Video)

A woman identified as Amanda McClammy pay for her criminal act after her husband found out and later told the cops she filmed herself having s*x with their pet dog, a Labrador.




Amanda McClammy, 32, is said to have sent her husband a vile video of herself having intercourse with the loveable family pooch while he was away, Sun UK reports.


“Amanda is clearly seen committing the act of bestiality,” police files say.



Her husband told officers about the footage when they were called to a domestic row between in Tempe, Arizona, USA where the woman worked.




She was arrested at work and reportedly admitted recording herself having intercourse with the dog.




The suspect then sent it by text to her husband when he was out of state.


She has been charged with one count of bestiality



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