VIDEO: “Lagos-Calabar Supposed Rail Route Crossing Into SE is A FAT LIE!!! (See The Real Route)”

 VIDEO: “Lagos-Calabar Supposed Rail Route Crossing Into SE is A FAT LIE!!! (See The Real Route)”

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By Uduak J. O.

I have seen numerous doctored drawing of the Lagos-Calabar Rail route supposedly crossing into SE…THIS IS A LIE! SW people are employing this shenanigan to resurrect the project by deceiving SE people that the Rail will cross into SE..precisely at Onitsha! This is a fathom Lie! I’m getting accurate information from someone at the National Assembly that the real reason why they excise the project from the primary budget is…MARGINALIZED SE; WILL NOT CROSS INTO SE. Indirectly speaking, when you marginalized SE, you marginalize SS economically as both regions trade more compared to other regions. So rather, they moved to Supplementary Budget…explanation below!


Lagos calabar rail

Doctored Route

You people have to understand how Federal Budget works…Every region has a stipulated amount cap they can submit in the budget; If SS primarily and SE did allow this project into the main budget, then SS will be short-changed heavily… why? Because 80 Billion Naira cost; China footing 20 billion naira actually, if apportioned between SW and SS is a huge cost for SS… when compared to SW, where Federal Budget for Lagos only is total of all SS; The senators having done their cost-benefit analysis of the project for SE and SS, came to the conclusion that it wasn’t feasible and will not be beneficial to SE and SS. So rather than have the project in the main budget which will mean removing critical, life-changing projects in SS in order to accommodate it, they agreed and chose to move it to the supplemental budget at no cost to SS, where the president by discretion/executive leverage chooses projects to fund with federal funds…more like earmarked funds! The question now becomes…Will Buhari include the project in his supplementary budget? I doubt because he would have to remove 80 billon naira worth of projects in the North for his people to include it because he has a cap too…that’s what SS and SE senators want him to do…Lol! Smart game by Eastern senators as it would be a win-win for the region! Even Ameachi consented to this by moving it to the supplemental!

To SW people…stop selling lies to us. Please stop! The project wasn’t removed as has been circulating online with deceptive doctored route into SE but rather was moved from main budget to supplementary. We are not against the
project, we…SW, SS and SE all want the project but has to be funded via supplementary budget only in order not to bankrupt SS…SE is just looking after SS!

Below is the actual image of the Lagos-Calabar Rail route by the Nigeria Coastal Railway…as you can see, it

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