Published On: Mon, Jun 20th, 2016

See First thing Zahra did with Buhari as He Arrives from London & What Happened Next (Photos)



This is how Zahra Buhari celebrated her father on Father’s day with a selfie with Buhari and posted the photo on social media. (Photo next page, click next to navigate)

See the response she got below:

I hope pretty Zahra would ask her devilish father on Father’s Day what has the father in the below two pictures attached in this post done to lose six sons. Three were killed during Jonathan’s regime and the man (Jonathan personally) apologized because he didn’t order the killings by the army in the 2014 Quds Day procession. But your evil dad ordered and justified the Zaria Massacre that killed another three sons of Zakzaky and your evil dad justified the massacre of hundreds on live TV; because according to him hundreds should die because some stinking generals, like him, with ugly and evil faces of crimes and humiliation were denied access to road; so by that he decided to unleash terror on followers of the IMN at four different and separate locations across Zaria.


Zahra, please ask your tyrant father to repent to Allah in this holy month and seek forgiveness for his crimes against humanity and against the creatures and servants of Allah and against Sheikh Zakzaky before the hot wrath of Allah descend upon him and your family, if it has not already been irreversibly decreed to descend upon him very soon and that is our prayer. Tell your tyrant father that it is haram to kill the children of another man and deprive them of the joy to take selfie with their father. This same father and their mother have been in detention for six months without charge under the watchful eyes of your tyrant father. Ask your evil father, “why tyrant daddy”? Dear Zahra, you have the name of the Chief of the Ladies of the Worlds (Lady Fatima az-Zahra) but your tyrant father is an enemy to the Ahlul-Bayt and her Shia.

Please ask your tyrant father to repent or

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