Published On: Sun, Feb 14th, 2016

Supreme Court Judges Made Judgement Base On Thier Personality Not Only Law – CNN


 Supreme Court Judges Made Judgement Base On Thier Personality Not Only Law – CNN Court

Justice Antonin Scalia’s death quickly sparks political battle

By Stephen Collinson, CNN

Senator vows opposition to Obama’s Scalia successor

Obama says he will nominate someone to replace Scalia “in due time”
McConnell, Reid clash over whether Obama should name a successor

Washington (CNN)Justice Antonin Scalia’s death immediately triggered a monumental election-year battle in Washington over whether President Barack Obama should choose a successor who could tilt the Supreme Court toward liberals.

Within two hours of Scalia’s death being reported, presidential candidates along with Republican and Democratic leaders on Capitol Hill were feuding over whether Obama should appoint a replacement for the eloquent and outspoken Scalia or wait for the next administration to make a decision. The battle lines underscored the huge political stakes in the 2016 election, which could cement the ideological balance of the court for years to come.

Obama said Saturday he would nominate a successor “in due time,” but Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell insisted the next administration should make the appointment.

“The American people should have a voice in the selection of their next Supreme Court Justice,” the Kentucky Republican said. “Therefore, this vacancy should not be filled until we have a new President.”

But Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid issued a scathing statement, previewing the heated fight ahead.

The death of US supreme court Judge and fight over who should nominate his successor in the US clearly prove that Supreme court Judges dont just follow law verbatim but interprete it base on their conviction,ideology and personalities. In the US, we can see the effect of Obama appointed Supreme court Judges in approving gay marriage and forcing it on US federation.

This we can clearly see in Nigeria with the recent Judgements by PDP appointed Supreme court Judges. None of d Judges in d Supreme court is appointed by APC or Buhari. We can clearly see why PMB is saying Judiciary is his headache. Because most of the Judges were appointed under pro corruption ideology.

If who appoint Judges matter in such an advance democracy and rich country like US, then u can imagine the impact in a poor country like Nigeria.

PDP supreme court Judges made thier Judgement to prevent PDP rapid extinction. They only just returned the favour done to them by PDP.


Ojo writes from Lagos

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