Published On: Mon, Dec 12th, 2016

Ever Wondered About Those Dimples On Your Lower Back? Here’s What They Indicate!


 Ever Wondered About Those Dimples On Your Lower Back? Here’s What They Indicate!

By: Erystro

A few of us around have those really curious symmetrical dimples in our lower back. While some of us find it a little embarrassing, others find it surprisingly attractive! Well these inquisitive creations have a name- Dimples of Venus!

Apart from the attraction factor, there are a few things you must know about them.

So have a look in the mirror! Do you see two dimples just above your butt crack? Well then, here’s good news for you- people with them are considered extremely lucky and oh-so seductive at the same time! Consider yourself blessed, fella.

Here are 7 things you have got to know about those dimples in your lower back!


1. Reason for its name!
Venusian dimples are often considered a mark of beauty. Hence it is named after Venus, who is the Roman goddess of beauty!

2. Is it common in both the sexes?
Indeed, it is! Both men and women can have them. While for women it’s called the dimple of Venus, for men it’s called the dimple of Apollo! Quite much of an ornament, huh?

3. Why do they develop?
Well, those dimples in your lower back are caused by the stretching of a small ligament between the posterior superior iliac spine and the skin. Howsoever complicated that might sound…

4. Are they beneficial to health?
Oh yes, they so are. They are indicative of better circulation of blood in the pelvic region, which is the reason why people who have them seem to have quicker, intense and easier orgasms than most others!

5. Does it have anything to do with genetics?
Turns out, yes it does! You are more likely to have butt dimples if it runs in your family!

6. Can you get them by exercising?
LOL. No, you cannot. Since these are formed in the area where there are no muscles at all, working out tons will help you zero percent.

7. Are you having trouble figuring out if they are sexually appealing or not?
Well then, let’s make it easier. It so is. It so freaking is. I would never kick off a girl from bed who has those lovely marks of Venus. Oh, Venus!!

So go on, flaunt it off!
I can already see you running off searching for yours. Good luck!

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