Tension: "We'll Soon Bring Buhari to his Knees" – Asari Dokubo Spits Fire (Must Read)

Tension: “We’ll Soon Bring Buhari to his Knees” – Asari Dokubo (Must Read)


Buhari you are a proud Fulani man, but you have failed to understand that the typical Niger Delta man is a PROUD man also. And we are not cowards; you can not STOP the amnesty given to repentant Niger Delta militants by your predecessors and START an amnesty programme for your Fulani terrorists (Bokoharam) with the money from our crude oil. GOD FORBID BAD THING.
You can not set aside one billion naira from our OIL money on grazing reserves for your Fulani herdsmen and remove the host communities funds from the PIB and expect us to clap for you. NO WAY!
Militants g
Go and start exporting cows and get money to fund the Grazing Reserves. VERY SIMPLE! You can not be LOUDLY threatening the Niger Delta avengers and QUIETLY negotiating with Fulani herdsmen and Bokoharam members. NO WAY BUHARI; it should be the other way round, and pretty soon the actions of these men will bring you to your knees on the negotiation table.
You want to cripple the Niger Delta Development commission; and
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