JUST IN!!! Biafra: Why Nigeria's "Unity" Will Eventually Fail – Kanu

  JUST IN!!! Biafra: Why Nigeria’s “Unity” Will Eventually Fail – Kanu



He did NOT kill a single human-being

He did NOT kidnap underage girls and force them into marriages

He did NOT rape pregnant women

He did NOT bomb any building, market place or any public gathering

He did NOT behead anyone and post the videos online

He did NOT involve himself in any crime, barbarity or outright inhumanity


He only had a microphone and asked for freedom

Today, those who committed the aforementioned inhumanity have been granted amnesty, but i’ll prefer to call it OUTRIGHT FREEDOM.

800 Boko Haram Savages granted amnesty but Nnamdi Kanu remains in prison.

My only happiness is that the Fulani-born President Buhari of Nigeria is NOT God.

The whole World have been asking for the release of this innocent man, yet Buhari feels he stands as the law because he occupies the Presidential seat and will do what he likes owing to his ethno-political stand.

I am confident it will end well for Nnamdi Kanu because the voice of the people is the voice of God.

Mere mortals CANNOT fight the Will of God.

Buhari release Nnamdi Kanu…….

Tony Kanu Writes from Lagos

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