An Attack on Niger Delta Avengers is an Attack on The South

  An Attack on Niger Delta Avengers is an Attack on The South

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By: Emeka B. J.

Could this be kama ? While boko h was making Nigeria ungovernable for one ex president, one man said an attack on BokoHaram is an attack on the North.

Do we really reap what we sow?

Could it now be said that an attack on Niger delta Avengers is an attack on the South.?

Now when boko started some people from the region were in support. Though their agitation was based on religion, and the region was not contributing so much to the nation, but the resources of the entire nation was committed to the fight. At some point boko named the same man as negotiator.

Today the Niger delta just resumed and the nation is already crippled.

I asked earlier why was Gej voted out? Since everything he left has collapsed.

Jobs lost, unemployment high, dollar 350, electric high, transport feeding high. No light, water etc. Inflation skyrocketing.

So the truth of the whole matter is that. The 2015 elections was all about who takes the glory.

The only reason Gej was voted out was because of the zoning agreement to the north.

They found a popular candidate to woo the North, Employed the propaganda of the south and promised the gullible Nigerians heaven on earth.

They saw that Gej was moving this nation forward and had to do everything to stop him.

The ethnic interest was put ahead of national interest. Today they are in power and confused.

Say they are paying subsidy, next no subsidy.

Free meal to biscuit

president will visit , president will not visit.

deregulation of petrol, yet put price on it.

All we have is excuses. Was Gej corrupt? Yes but

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