Published On: Fri, Oct 7th, 2016

JUST IN!!! Willie Obiano Must Go! – Nnewi Prince


JUST IN!!! Willie Obiano Must Go! – Nnewi Prince

We are gradually approaching the zero hour in the political life of this present administration in Anambra State. In less than ten,(10) months now, we will go into another era in the life of this most endowed human and material resource entity, south East of the Niger and one wonders if there is need or none to appraise the journey so far. A vibrant state bequeathed to us by our fore- bearers and a pace-setter, hence, the LIGHT OF THE NATION! I think, I am most qualified as an insider and a great political player since the defunct His Excellency Dr. Chinwoke Mbadinuju’s regime, none can equal me in this area as a youth till date. In this present wobbling administration, it is a common knowledge that I was part and parcel of its enthronement the moment the immediate past helmsman of the state, His Excellency, Chief Sir Peter Obi bent the rule from the initial plans of giving the state a refined gentleman, A Prince imbued with milk of human kindness, Hon. Chinedu Idigo, who out of seeming distastefulness of the about to wreck present administration under His Excellency, Chief Dr. Willie M. Obiano’s watch, resigned from the main political identity of the Igbo man, APGA; this has signalled a bad omen in the forthcoming Gubernatorial election in 2018!obiano3

The Campaign for support, appraisal and voting of credible candidate would soon kick- Start in the next few months in 2017, and need be that records be put straight to avoid another round of colossal mistake which has brought us to where we are now when the immediate past Governor of this flourishing state decided to shift grounds from the originally agreed personality from the same Anambra North Senatorial Zone and foist the incumbent leader on us all. That mistake and shift from the initial permutations has cost us a great deal, and it is incumbent on us all too to decide our fate. Shall we talk about the lopsidedness of the appointment of political appointees?obiano-must-go

Or, is it the selective appointments into the state civil service of only the people from the Anambra North Senatorial Zone? Shall we talk about giving choice ministries to irresponsible and half-baked individuals who have come only to share the ‘national cake’ without thinking first on how to bake the cake! Worst still, shall we talk about billions of naira of this state being siphoned into private pockets by Office of the ‘First Lady’ which has no constitutional and legal provisions, but used as conduit pipe to milk the lean resources of Anambra state and thereby leading to insensitive cash fright abroad. Need I mention the state- of- the- art- gas station,(FILLING STATION),very close to the State Headquarters of APGA under construction on the Enugu/Onitsha side of the Expressway also under construction being built by the wife of the Governor. Various political cum economic recession stimulus are

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